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We are

Redefining the Supply Chain of Future!

Pakistan - The Land Of Opportunities

A Fusion of Colorful Valleys, Hard
Working People, Old Traditions, Rugged
Mountains, Beautiful Beaches & Rich
Cultural Diversity

Pakistan’s Textile Sector Northweft Sourcing Company Profile 2022 Cotton to Ginning Spinning Weaving Knitting Processing Finished Apparel Textiles and apparel sector occupies a pivotal position in Pakistan’s economy having most intensive backward and forward linkages compared to any other sector. Linking agriculture through industry to exports is a distinction which is unique perhaps to this sector. Pakistan’s textiles and apparel sector encompasses distinctive and self-reliant value-added production chain that is developed by its own industrial resources starting from:

Why Pakistan? Northweft Sourcing Company Profile 2022 One of the most Effective & Competitive Vertical Textile Industry Zero Rated Duty For European Union (GSP +) with effective from Jan 2014 for next 10 years Competitive Wage Ratios Excellent Resources for Garment production. Abundant Availability of Raw Material Fast Turnaround Time A Complete vertically Integrated Platform for Denim, Non-Denim & Knits

Textile’s Share in Pakistan’s Economy Northweft Sourcing Company Profile 2022 7 Textile is the premier industry & the backbone of Pakistan’s economy Drives, Banking, Shipping, Transportation, Insurance, Machinery, Chemicals, printing & other allied sectors. 46 of Manufacturing Industry Contitutes 38% of the Country’s Working Force Employs 8.5 to the total GDP Contributes

We Are

Purpose should be the essence of what companies do today. For Northweft, it is to make a difference and add value in our supply chain and in our community. Our supply chain must cater to the future needs of our customers. This in return helps to improve the lives of people that we interact with everyday.

Our future investments include acquiring the best talent, providing management training, the most modern technology and facilities.

At Northweft our services are specialized that cater to each individual customer with an eye for detail.


Our Strategy
Our vision is simple – We want to become the most trusted partner for our clients and
our associates we work with everyday !

Being Humble

Having evolved from a small start-up we have created value for our customers, that has been the reason for our success.

We are family

Trust and integrity, is at the core of our long-lasting relationships and it is the cornerstone in fostering loyalty and teamwork. We care about the people who work for us, our customers and our suppliers. We keenly understand that this creates a sustainable future together.

The supply chain

The supply chain of the future is transformed. The tech advancements have made it possible to foresee and resolve issues much before they happen. This comes from experience and passion for our product. At Northweft, we prioritize product deliverance with the right quality at the right time.

Business Ethics

A culture of a company defines its successes and failures. Our culture lies in our values. We conduct ourselves and our businesses openly and with full honesty.

How we manage
Pre &

Current Customers

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