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the Land of
A Fusion of Colorful Valleys, Hard Working People, Old
Traditions, Rugged Mountains, Beautiful Beaches & Rich Cultural Diversity

Pakistan’s Demographics

Pakistan’s Textile Sector

Pakistan’s Textile Sector Northweft Sourcing Company Profile 2022 Cotton to Ginning Spinning Weaving Knitting Processing Finished Apparel Textiles and apparel sector occupies a pivotal position in Pakistan’s economy having most intensive backward and forward linkages compared to any other sector. Linking agriculture through industry to exports is a distinction which is unique perhaps to this sector. Pakistan’s textiles and apparel sector encompasses distinctive and self-reliant value-added production chain that is developed by its own industrial resources starting from:

Why Pakistan

Why Pakistan? Northweft Sourcing Company Profile 2022 One of the most Effective & Competitive Vertical Textile Industry Zero Rated Duty For European Union (GSP +) with effective from Jan 2014 for next 10 years Competitive Wage Ratios Excellent Resources for Garment production. Abundant Availability of Raw Material Fast Turnaround Time A Complete vertically Integrated Platform for Denim, Non-Denim & Knits

Textile’s Share in Pakistan’s Economy

Textile’s Share in Pakistan’s Economy Northweft Sourcing Company Profile 2022 7 Textile is the premier industry & the backbone of Pakistan’s economy Drives, Banking, Shipping, Transportation, Insurance, Machinery, Chemicals, printing & other allied sectors. 46 of Manufacturing Industry Contitutes 38% of the Country’s Working Force Employs 8.5 to the total GDP Contributes

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