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Sustainability is integral to our business and the products we make.

Addressing sustainability requires us to responsibly manage our environmental, social and governance performance, and to work with our customers, suppliers and industry partners to further the sustainability of supply chains and communities across our business. Health, safety and wellbeing, climate change, resource scarcity and increasing demands for transparency and accountability are important issues driving change in how we do business and engage with our ecosystem.

These issues pose risks, challenges and opportunities that we address through our Sustainability Strategy and day-to-day activities.

e-Flow technology is the sustainable textile solution to transfer chemicals onto garments made of any fabric. Conventionally water is used as the carrier and, at the end of very cycle, that water, still brimming with chemical products goes to water.

Our garment manufacturers have now new system in which air atmosphere is transformed into nanobubbles where water and just the right quantity of chemical products naturally distribute themselves forming the nanobubble skin. They become the carries of the chemical products and transmit them.


Water Saving


Chemicals Saving


Energy Saving

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